Explosion Isolation

Insulation systems are ATEX protection systems that have the task of stopping a propagation of pressure and flame in a duct during a deflagration or explosion, and thus protecting the components of an installation that are connected to the source of that deflagration or explosion.


In regular operation of the system, air must pass through the valve in the direction of the conveying flow.

These systems are applied in numerous industries such as:

  • Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Metallurgical industries.
  • Food industries.
  • Chemical industries.


NOVEx valve 
It is designed for a maximum reduced explosion overpressure of 2 barg for valves from DN71 to DN500, and 1 barg for valves from DN560 to DN100, measured in the tank where the explosion occurs.

This protection system is designed to be installed in conjunction with non-reusable, non-self-closing explosion vents.

NOVEX Valves isolate from explosions produced by combustible dust whose Kst is below 300 barg-m/s.

ExPinch System
Adix’s ExPinch insulation system is capable of isolating a deflagration in development before the explosion occurs inside several modules, such system needs to perform continuous monitoring os pressure and IR sensors.

Other passive passive explosion protection systems, with simplified but tested functionality.