Explosion prevention

Prevention means the act of stopping something from happening or of stopping someone from doing something.

Spark Estinguishing Systems

Spark Estinguishing Systems

Este detector avisa de posibles chispas en los dispositivos, activando un circuito de agua para el enfriamiento rápido de las partículas.


Prevention equipments are designed  to act in case of any malfunction of the system. In different ways, these equipments warn, block and control the alterations of the correct functioning of the systems in which they have been installed.

In addition, prevention is closely linked to safety. In the same way that people take precautions to avoid an illness, in companies it is necessary to take the appropriate measures to avoid explosions, deflagrations, fires… It is essential to avoid any material and personal injury, which can become incalculable.


Autocombustion Control
Inermatic is an explosion prevention system designed to control autocombustion through the automatic injection of an inert gas.

Elevator Control
The Spyline Elevator Control System is an explosion prevention system that monitors the correct operation of a complex detection system to prevent ignition sources from appearing in bucket elevators.

Spark Extinguishing System
This system monitors possible sparks using optical detectors that activate special water extinguishing systems, causing rapid cooling of the particles.

Truck Earthing System
A truck earthing systems consists of a clamp, cable and control unit. When connecting the earthing clamp to the truck, the TES-01 will check if a low electrical resistance connection is establiched between the truck, clamp, clable and TES-01 unit.