Explosion Vent Panels

Explosion Venting is an economical method of Explosion Protection based on the opening of weak sheets installed on a container or equipment, so that the pressure increase is limited to an acceptable level and the flames are conducted to a safe area. All panels are ATEX compliant. 



Domed Vent Panel [BCD]

Domed Vent Panel [BCD]

Our BDC vent panel are designed to open quickly at a preset pressure. They are designd to work in depression and pulsating pressure.

Explosion Vent Panels Domed [BRD]

Explosion Vent Panels Domed [BRD]

Device for Explosion Protection in closed volumes operating at low vacuum pressures based on the liberation the overpressure of explosion to safe area.

Explosion Vent Panels Flat [BRP]

Explosion Vent Panels Flat [BRP]

Vent panels release the explosion overpressure in closed containers, thus preventing the design resistance of the equipment from being exceeded.


Safety in industries is one of the most important things that every company must be aware of and treat responsibility.

Explosion vent panels are one of the fundamental parts in many industries in case of an explosion, the deflagration of the same is conducted to a safe area.

In general, vent panels  are plates with a low burst pressure and a controlled pressure surface, which has been calculated according to the needs of the installation. In case of overpressure, the vent panel opens without restrictions at a speed that allows the combustion gases to be re-routed over this exhaust area, preventing the structure in which it is installed from exploding or the explosion itself from spreading to other areas.

Adix manufactures panels designed to adapt to the different working conditions of industrial processes, optimizing their performance according industrial equipment such as silos, dust collectors, cyclones, conveyors, bag filters.

In addition, Adix produces equipment under the European standar EN14491 and the American FDA for implementation in the food industry.

Adix Ingeniería produces in Spain Vent Panels with dust certification up to ST3, including metallic powder. Standard panles can be used at temperatures between -20ºC and +70ºC. All models can be manufactured with special seals for working temperatures up to 400ºC.


Vent panels Adix Engineering 
BRP (Rectangular), BCP (Circular) and BTP (Trapezoidal) PANELS – These are metal structures designed to be mounted on the structure to be protected.

BRD (Retangular) and BDC (Circular) PANELS – These are vaulted metal sheets that are vacuum resistant and are suitable for flameless venting equipment.

All panels are ATEX certified: LOM18ATEX1021X



  • They have an economical design.
  • They are accurate and reliable.
  • All panels are created with the highest quality in Stainless Steel.
  • Panels tested and tested in our own facilities.
  • Regular test according to regulations.
  • Thermal insulation available (VEAI).