NEWS: Truck Earthing System TES01-V2


Loading and unloading non-conducting liquids or powders from trucks can generate electrostatic charges. If enough electrostatic energyh is generated, there will be an explosion hazard. This risk can be avoided by earthing the truck via a TES01-V2 earthing verification system. 

The new earth monitors TES01 V2  are ATEX certified and they are IECEX marketd aswell. Both Certificates provide more trust and security to our equipments. Furthermore, we have improved the control temperature.

The Stuvex TEX01-V2 earthing verification system has been specially designed for the safe earthing of trucks and offers the following benefits:

  • Safe electrostatic discharge of the truck.
  • Earth clamp resistance measurement.
  • Verification of the truck’s electrical capacity.
  • Red and green indicators.
  • Potential-free contact provides release of loading and unloading functions.
  • Power supply 100-240 V AC and 24 V DC as standard.
  • Verification unit in gas or dust Ex version. 

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