Technical details

Technical Features

Type Circular, Flat
Dimensions from 200 up to 1020 mm
Material AISI 304 o 316
Efficiency  100%
Bursting pressure  20 a 500 mbar
Tolerance  +/-25%
Max. Working Pressure  90% Pstat
Support vacuum pressure  -100 mbar
Max. Working Temperature  up to 350ºC
Product Flammable Dust up to St2
Marking Ex D
Certificado according to EN14797:2006 y EN14994:2007



Reference External Dimensions  (mm) Nominal Dimensions (mm) Effective Venting Area (m2)
BDC370 370 310 0,075
BDC470 470 383 0,115
BDC565 565 460 0,166
BDC715 715 645 0,327
BDC1020 1020 940 0,694

For other sizes and/or working conditions please consult us


Rupture Sensor


Magnetic Break Detector MK500A

ATEX approval Ex II 3D IIIC t125ºC Dc X

Possibility of mounting on different types of cylinders.

Detection range: Reaction sensitivity [mT] 2

Accuracy: Variations Hysteresis [mm] 1

Temperature: -25ºC to 60ºC

Breakage signalling cable type RECS for high temperature VP2759

Working temperature: -60ºC to 300ºC

Peak temperature: 350ºC

AWG: 20S

Nominal duct diameter: 0,965 mm

Total length: 2m


Processf flanges

Welded (L) or screwed (U)

AISI 304 and AISI 316

Vertical (Interior Reinforcement) and Horizontal Installation

Note: Mounting flanges only for cirular panels, the rest is mounted on paper.
Please consult us if you need other solution.



EPDM seal

Dynamic rubber strip prevents vibration between compact materials.

It acts as an air, water and dust sealing gasket, both for exteriors and interiors.

Resistant to ultraviolet rays and extreme temperatures.

Temperature from -30ºC to 90ºC .

High Temperature Ceramic Process Seal

Stability at high temperatures up to 1100ºC

Meets European regulatory requirements.

Excellent wetting resistance of molten aluminum.

Low thermal conductivity.


Easy to wrap, shape or cut.

Loctite SI 5900; Temperature up to 275ºC in continuous.

Silicone Process Seal

Temperature from -40ºC to 220ºC

White sponge silicone (15HS)

Excellent temperature resistance.

Good resistance to chemicals.

Great capacity of recovery to the compression

Good flexibility at low temperatures.