Nos comprometemos a mantener una máxima disponibilidad y fiabilidad de sus sistemas de Prevención y Protección contra explosiones. Desarrollamos un sistema integral de servicios con disponibilidad de nuestros Ingenieros y Técnicos en cualquier parte del mundo.

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Technical Support
Technical Support

Technical Support

We will always do our best to resolve any issues over the phone, and our team of engineers are available to discuss any problems with your equipment to minimise downtime.

Adix offers unparalleled service and support to our customers around the world, ensuring that your equipment is running optimally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us with service and support enquiries.

Adix has a team of service technicians who can be dispatched to the field to provide support for installation, commissioning or troubleshooting and repair. Our team has all the necessary certifications and training for operations in classified areas to get your equipment up and running and reduce downtime.

Maintenance and repair
Maintenance and repair

Maintenance and repair

Adix can provide a complete repair and refurbishment service for explosion prevention and protection systems. We can bring safety systems back to the appropriate standards and issue a new ATEX compliance certificate..

Security Audits

The Adix Annual Safety Audit is a comprehensive inspection of all safety critical components and systems. An Ex-ASA is a solution that provides a means of compliance with the ATEX Directives if carried out annually. An Ex-ASA can also be beneficial when purchasing used equipment or after a refurbishment or modification.

The Adix EX annual safety audit is a comprehensive inspection of the safety critical components in our explosion protection conversions. The EX-ASA ensures that the integrity and safety of your materials handling equipment is not compromised during its lifetime. When dealing with potentially hazardous materials, the smallest spark or temperature rise could become a source of ignition, and it is imperative that all Adix equipment is maintained to the highest standard.

Inspection can be carried out anywhere in the world by one of our IsmATEX accredited engineers. All safety critical components of the Adix explosion protection system are inspected and recorded, including enclosures, Exd cables and cable glands, shutdown devices, conductivity.

Why do I need an EX-ASA?

ATEX 1999/92/EC requires the end user to “demonstrate that work equipment is designed and maintained with due regard for safety”. All equipment is maintained in accordance with EN60079-17, which states that an inspection routine must be introduced to ensure the continued safe operation of the equipment.

If no irregularities have been found, the truck will be declared safe for use and a certificate will be issued to support its Explosion Protection Document (EPD). Irregularities must be repaired immediately by the Adix service engineer or an Adix trained engineer from your service provider. Once properly repaired, the equipment can be re-inspected and a certificate issued.

We recommend that an EX-ASA is carried out annually to ensure that your equipment is fully protected and functioning correctly.

Supplying parts
Supplying parts

Supplying parts

We offer a wide range of spare parts for equipment. Parts lists are supplied with each new performance, providing specific part numbers so that parts can be ordered quickly.

If the part number is not available, call the parts team or send a request with a full explanation of the item and the Adix build number.

An unauthorised part can compromise the safety of your people and your business.

If you have any questions about parts, certification and service, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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Training for maintenance technicians
Service technicians

Training for maintenance technicians

Any Adix systems will require regular maintenance to ensure that they are working correctly, but more importantly, to ensure that the equipment is fully protected at all times. We offer a range of engineer training courses depending on the application.

We offer a range of training courses designed to help site and maintenance engineers, field service engineers and service managers maintain Adix equipment in the field.

Content includes: basic introduction to explosion protection, protection methods, maintenance and inspection, Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22, mechanical and electrical equipment. After successful evaluation, certificates and complete technical manuals are issued.

Book an ADIX service engineer

Adix engineers are available to assist customers anywhere in the world.

Field technicians can be dispatched to provide on-site support for installation, commissioning or troubleshooting and repairs should anything go wrong with your equipment. Our team has the necessary certifications and training to get your equipment up and running as quickly as possible.

Our team of engineers is a second line of support for distributors and OEM networks anywhere in the world. Adix field technicians are available to assist with troubleshooting and repairing complex faults to help get your equipment up and running safely as quickly as possible.