Engineering & Consultancy

Adix Consultancy services are designed to provide the most appropriate technical SOLUTION to your ATEX compliance needs. The experience and knowledge of Adix is framed within the European Working Group CEN/TC305/WG3 and the Technical Committee of Standardisation AEN/CTN163 "Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Prevention and Protection against Explosions.

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Adix generates from the beginning, a detailed and official report of their situation needs according to current regulations Adix. Among them the development of the following documentation:

  • Elaboration of Document of Protection against Explosions according to RD 681.
  • Elaboración de Expedientes Técnicos para Adecuación de Equipos según RD 400.
  • Expert Reports of Accidents with Explosion.
  • Static Ignition Studies.
  • Inerting Projects.

All our documentation is endorsed by:

  • IsmATEX Certificate – Accredited by INERIS.
  • Graduates of the Master’s Degree in Explosion Prevention of the Official Madariaga Laboratory.

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Risk Analysis and Inspection of ATEX Installations
Risk analysis

Risk Analysis and Inspection of ATEX Installations

  • Explosion risk assessment using recognised methods (HAZOP, fault trees, event trees).
  • Explosion consequence calculations.
  • Specific studies of possible ignition sources.
  • Pre-commissioning checks of installations.
  • Periodic review for updating and consultancy of explosion risks.
  • Management of ATEX authorisations.

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Test and Measurements
Test and Measurements

Test and Measurements

We have all the necessary resources to perform test and measurements that your facilitates require

  • Determination of explosion rates.
  • Measurement of ventilation flows.
  • Electromagnetic field measurement.
  • Measurement of surface resistance.
  • Thermography.


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Design of ATEX installations<br />
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Design of ATEX installations

ATEX safety considerations during the design stages.

Development and optimization of processes from an explosion safety point of view.

Implementation proyects of explosion prevention and protection systems.

Integral projects of adaptaion of installations to ATEX regulations.

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Our projects around the world
Work carried out

Our projects around the world

We implement comprehensive projects. Furthermore, we adapt and renew the installations under ATEX certifications of differents industreis.

  • Food grain industry
  • Pharmacy
  • Gas
  • Cement industry

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